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2009 Kirkland City Council Elections

Candidate Information from the Washington Public Disclosure Commission



“The public's right to know of the financing of political campaigns and lobbying and the financial affairs of elected officials and candidates far outweighs any right that these matters remain secret and private.” RCW 42.17.010 (10)


As per our IRC 501(c)(4) status, CiViK will not be endorsing specific candidates for the upcoming Kirkland City Council race.


In keeping with our goals, which include championing transparency in government and expanding awareness by promoting public access to information, we are posting candidate disclosures, which have been obtained from the State of Washington’s Public Disclosure Commission.


For each candidate, you will find links to their C-1 filing (Candidate Registration) as well as their F-1 filing (Personal Financial Affairs Statement). We hope that this information will be of interest to Kirkland citizens.


The C-1 provides basic information about the campaign.


The F-1 provides information about the candidate's income, assets, liabilities, business interests and certain business transactions.


We strongly encourage Kirkland citizens to actively participate in the upcoming election, to consider all available information, and to find opportunities to meet candidates and learn more about their experience in Kirkland and their perspectives about the critically important issues which face our city. We hope that, just as envisioned in state law, the information presented here will be a part of that process.


The candidates and positions are listed here, with the candidates’ names in the order as they will appear on the ballot:






















Some of the candidates became candidates less than two weeks ago. Their C-1 and F-1 filings must be sent to the PDC within 2 weeks of becoming a candidate (incumbents must file their F-1 each year). The remaining C-1 and F-1 filings will be posted here as they become available.


"The people have the right to expect from their elected representatives at all levels of government the utmost of integrity, honesty, and fairness in their dealings. The people shall be assured that the private financial dealings of their public officials, and of candidates for those offices, present no conflict of interest between the public trust and private interest. Our representative form of government is founded on a belief that those entrusted with the offices of government have nothing to fear from full public disclosure of their financial and business holdings, provided those officials deal honestly and fairly with the people." RCW 42.17.010 (2)(3) & (4)


"In promoting such complete disclosure, however, this chapter shall be enforced so as to insure that the information disclosed will not be misused for arbitrary and capricious purposes and to insure that all persons reporting under this chapter will be protected from harassment and unfounded allegations based on information they have freely disclosed."


For more information, please see the entire code section at



For more election and candidate information, as well as an opportunity to contribute suggested questions for the candidates and to post your own comments, please visit the “Voters Guide” at



Candidate’s name

Link to Candidate’s C-1 (Registration)

Link to Candidate’s F-1 (Financial)


Martin Morgan

C-1 for Morgan

F-1 for Morgan


Joan McBride

C-1 for McBride

F-1 for McBride






Penny Sweet

C-1 for Sweet

F-1 for Sweet


Brad Larssen

C-1 for Larssen

F-1 for Larssen






Karen Tennyson

C-1 for Tennyson

F-1 for Tennyson


Amy Walen

C-1 for Walen

F-1 for Walen


Matt Gregory

C-1 for Gregory

F-1 for Gregory






Tom Hodgson

C-1 for Hodgson

F-1 for Hodgson


Doreen Marchione

C-1 for Marchione

F-1 for Marchione